Security Guards with a Van, our services is the solution...

Security Guards with a Van, our services is the solution to all of your transport concerns. Enjoy exclusive protection of you and your belongings at a competitive and transparent price.  

Our fully licensed team of security and bodyguards are all trained in conflict management, thus making your situation hassle-free. With extensive knowledge and experience in all fields of work, our team is ready for any situation. Our priority is to bring ease and ensure you and your belongings are transported and handled with the very best care.

Body and/or armed guard assisting with confrontational situations in a confidential and discreet manner. We are a 24/7 service, specializing in Domestic Violence situations, Mortgagee in Possessions, Corporate/ Business situations as well as Financial Asset Transportation.

Within our service, we provide two fully licensed security officers specifically trained in conflict management. You will also have the access to a Toyota SLWB Van that has a professional trolly, heavy-duty blankets, and straps.  

Public Liability $ 20,000,000 / Goods in Care, Custody and Control. $ 250,000